Wine Tours Near Me?

So you are visiting North Carolina and you want to know “What Wine Tours Are Near Me?“. There are, after all, 200+ wineries in the state. The odds are good that there are plenty of wineries near you to visit. If there are plenty wineries then there should also be plenty of tour options available as well….right? The answer to this question is yes and no. Depending on the area you are staying, there may or may not be good tour options available to you. Van in Black services a large area and we try to include many popular North Carolina regions in our supported pickup zones. North Carolina is, however, a large state and we can’t service everywhere (not yet at least). So, let’s break this down:

The Areas We Service…

For the areas that we service, or our supported pickup zones, we do not charge what is referred to as “drive time”. This is the time required for us to get to you from our garage. For these regions time starts billing at the pickup location when we pick everyone up. This stays consistent with our goal of having “simple and straight forward pricing” as this model is easy to understand and estimate what your total transportation costs will be. So what are the supported pickup areas that we service? Here is a general list:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Asheville, North Carolina
  • Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Hickory, North Carolina
  • Hendersonville, North Carolina
  • Tryon, North Carolina
  • Lake Lure/Chimney Rock/Rumbling Bald, North Carolina
  • The Appalachian High Country of North Carolina (Boone, Banner Elk, Blowing Rock, etc.)

Also included in this service area would be the small suburb areas around each of these anchor cities (e.g. Arden or Fairview with Asheville). This covers a HUGE area which puts about half of the wineries in the state within range of a day tour. This is a lot of wineries! If you include the wineries on the borders of some of the surrounding states (South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia), then the number is even higher. There are endless possibilities for quality, comfortable, and safe vineyard / winery tours with the Van in Black!

What About Areas Not Supported?

So what if you are in an area that isn’t a supported pickup zone? We can support that too! We generally don’t like to say no to clients so we will try our hardest to support you wherever you are. If you are staying in an area that is outside one of the cities or towns where we typically pickup, we would simply add drive time to the billing for our services. This would essentially be the time it takes for us to get to you from one of the cities that we do support (for example Asheville, Charlotte, or Greenville/Spartanburg). We are happy to further explain the drive time billing rates or provide the specifics for this up front if you contact us before your tour. As the company grows we hope to expand our service areas and eliminate drive time, but for now this is the only way we can offer our exceptional 5-star service to these extended areas.

Questions? Call us!

It gets complicated trying to explain every possible combination of location and tour options. While we have tried to explain it both in this article and on our service pages, there are always going to be questions about what is or what isn’t included inside our service areas. We have an answer for that too: Just give us a call at 1-800-903-2503. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and work something out for you to have an epic wine tour experience.

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