Partner With Us!

As the highest rated transportation and tour company in Western North Carolina, Van in Black is constantly looking for ways to enhance our offerings and the elevated experience of our clients. We want to achieve this by continuously improving our services and partnering with other companies that share the same passion for excellence. We are specifically seeking other 5-star rated companies where our services and/or offerings will compliment each other and deliver a higher quality experience to our mutual customers.

It is all about the customer…

The client is king and we are serious about elevating their experience. We want to work with the best service providers offering the highest quality goods and services to deliver a 5-star quality experience that is seamless throughout our customers stay in the area. We want to build relationships with partners where we can work together as a team to ensure all aspects of a clients needs are not just met, but exceeded time after time. Relationships where we can be frank about the times where one of us might miss the mark so that it doesn’t happen again. It is an obsession to deliver quality that we seek and if you share that obsession, then please work with us!

What are we looking for…

We see lots of opportunities to offer our clients value through strategic partnerships. Examples of this could include but are not limited to:

  • After booking offers that are presented on the checkout thank you page. This would include things like lodging discounts, other tours that don’t require transportation (e.g. walking tours), area attractions, or offers to highly rated restaurants.
  • Upsell opportunities that would enhance a customers experience with us. For example, 90% of our bookings are for wine tours and there are a number of goods and/or services that could compliment a wine tour. Something like a pre-packaged picnic that they could take with them, flowers, or maybe some unique area food and/or beverages that they could enjoy on tour in-between stops.

What are we willing to offer?

Partnerships are a two-way street and we are willing to offer discounts and deals to your customers as well. We have a standard offering that we can suggest but are also open to listen to your suggestions and discuss options. We are really easy to work with and want all of our business relationships to be mutually beneficial.

Let’s get started!

We already have lots of ideas of where we would like to go with this, but if you are a highly rated provider of goods or services in our area, then we want to hear from you and set up a time to speak with you further about this exciting growth opportunity for both of our businesses. Please make your pitch and let’s start the conversation. Please fill out the form below to get started: