Greenville Wine Tours

There are not too many places like the Upstate of South Carolina! It is an amazing place and you are missing one of America’s greatest cities if you have never experienced Greenville South Carolina. This is not just our opinion either, Greenville is consistently ranked as one of the top cities in the nation and has received numerous awards over the years. All of this is for very good reason too! How many cities can boast a waterfall and curved pedestrian bridge right smack in the middle of downtown? Greenville has this and a lot more. The food and wine scene inside the city is amazing with numerous top rated restaurants (with phenomenal wine lists!) and dozens of wine specific destinations both inside the city or just outside. Greenville also has options for folks who like either sweet or traditional dry wines in addition to a number of beer and cider options.

Downtown Greenville South Carolina
Downtown Greenville South Carolina

With numerous options in and around the city, wine tours from Greenville, South Carolina are always going to be a fun experience. Like other popular cities we service, you could do multiple day tours and not repeat any wineries. We have certified wine experts that can accompany you on your wine tour, can help you plan your itinerary and provide door-to-door service with our tours. Van in Black is the best option for a wine tour originating out of Greenville!

Greenville Wineries…

All of our Greenville wine tours are custom for each group. We do not offer shared group tours or a “one size fits all” cookie cutter style tour that you need to fit into. The vehicle will be exclusive to your group, will progress at the speed you want, and can include stops at any number of the following wineries:

  • City Scape Winery
  • Eagle Mountain Vineyards & Winery
  • Elevation 966 Winery
  • Carter Family Winery
  • Wellborn Winery
  • Lazy Bear Winery
  • Victoria Valley Vineyards
  • Kennington Family Winery
  • Old Rock Quarry Winery
  • Mountain Brook Vineyards
  • Parker-Binns Vineyard
  • Marked Tree Vineyard
  • Burntshirt Vineyards
  • Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards
  • Point Lookout Vineyards
  • Sawyer Springs Vineyard
  • Souther Williams Vineyard
  • Appalachian Ridge Cidery

There are also some great wine shops in Greenville that have great offerings:

  • Fox Croft Wine Co.
  • North Hampton Wine
  • The Tasting Room at Travelers Rest

And there are so many breweries!

Downtown Greenville
Downtown Greenville South Carolina at Night

A Typical Wine Tour…

Depending on the type and style of wine that your group enjoys, a typical tour from Greenville will either stay in South Carolina or it may also visit some of the wineries just over the border in North Carolina. There are two clusters of wineries in North Carolina (Tryon and Hendersonville) that are worth checking out if you enjoy traditional dry style wines. We typically mix these with a few of the South Carolina wineries close to the border like Eagle Mountain and/or Kennington Family Winery. A few things to note about tours from Greenville:

  • There is going to be a bit of a commute to get to the vineyards outside the city. This can be 45-50 minutes but is worth the drive as you will visit the beautiful farms with rows of vines. The nice thing is that the vineyards are usually close to each other so once you arrive in the area there isn’t much drive time between the vineyards.
  • Food options are available at most of the areas either through food trucks or established kitchens. We can help with this and are happy to make suggestions.
  • As mentioned earlier, Greenville has offerings for both sweet and dry wines so we can help create the perfect itinerary for your group!

All that is left is for you to book your Greenville Wine Tour and enjoy!

Do you still have questions? Check out our wine tour FAQs.