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A Dash of Luxury!

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Once again Van in Black has expanded their fleet. We didn’t go with another van this time; instead we decided to go with something a little more stylish and luxurious. We acquired a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan! This is the first sedan in our fleet and we are super excited about it! The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is … Full Story

What are the Best Asheville Wineries?

Asheville Wineries

We do a lot of wine tours that depart from the Asheville, NC region and a very common question we get asked when setting up itineraries is “What are the best Asheville wineries?“. This is a very reasonable and obvious question to ask if you are going to be experiencing an Asheville wine tour which … Full Story

Introducing “Experiences”!

Van in Black Experiences

Van in Black is pleased to announce the addition of “Experiences” to our standard offering of luxury vehicles that are bookable for various hourly events and/or services. What are “Experiences“? Exactly that…Experiences! Epic experiences to be more specific. “Experiences” are going to be curated, ticketed events, that occur on a specific date and time that … Full Story

Why Fly When You Can Have a Mobile Office?

The Van in Black Mobile Office

I have noticed a trend lately that I believe may create a paradigm shift with the way corporate travelers look at short distance travel and the costs and hassle associated with flying. With the high costs of fuel, and as a result, the elevated costs for air travel, businesses are looking at either reducing the … Full Story

Asheville Cider Tours


Apple cider, specifically hard apple cider, is often an overlooked tour option when considering the numerous “adult beverage” tours that are available in and around the Asheville area. We get it, the sheer number of breweries, not to mention some urban wineries and area vineyards, can definitely overshadow some of the more niche markets like … Full Story

Spring in the Vineyard

Spring Vineyard Growth

Another Spring is just around the corner and folks are already starting to book their wine tours for this wonderful time of year in the Carolinas. It is a great time of year to be out enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Carolinas and specifically the vineyards. The weather is typically going to be warmer … Full Story

Vicario – The Ultimate Spirits Experience


It is rare for us to highlight a single location in a post. We have really only done this with the major airports that we support and the Tryon International Equestrian Center; all of which are large establishments that have wide regional interests. We generally tend to describe regions and then get into the specifics … Full Story

The Continuing Saga of Our Wine Education

WSET and CMS Lapel Pins

If you have been following our blog posts then you know that a few of us within the company have been working on our wine certifications. We have been specifically focused on the curriculum from the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust (WSET) that is globally recognized wine education and certifying organization based in the United … Full Story

A New Year, a New Limo Van…

Our new limo van!

Happy New Year everyone! 2022 was a record year for us and we are really excited to see what 2023 has in store for us! We figured we would start things off with a bang by adding another limousine van to our fleet. This will be our second up fitted van with the limousine configuration … Full Story