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Downtown Greenville South Carolina

Airport Shuttle Service to Greenville-Spartanburg Airport(GSP)

The Van in Black is pleased to announce that they are now authorized to provide shuttle van service to both arriving and departing travelers at the beautiful Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (GSP) of South Carolina.  With space for up to 11 passengers with luggage, large fami

Craft Breweries in the Carolinas!

Is Beer Your Thing?

The microbrewery trend that has been slowly growing across America over the last decade has certainly not missed the Carolinas.  Microbreweries are sprouting up all over the Carolinas and they are thriving!  Each one offering their own unique and flavorful take on the cent

The Van in Black is So Big…

How big is it?  It is so big that, in theory, if you wanted the van to pick you and your Smart car up in Charlotte and drop you off in Asheville, it could happen: Yeah, this could really happen! Read More

How May We Serve You?

How May We Serve You?

Need passenger van service?  The Van in Black is ready to serve you! Serving Western North Carolina and the Upstate of South Carolina, specifically, the areas around and in between Charlotte North Carolina, Asheville North Carolina, and Greenville/Spartanburg South Carolina

An Autumn Winery

Where is Your Favorite Winery in the Carolinas?

Both North and South Carolina have a number of wineries that are popular spots to visit and tour.  The North Carolina winery scene is a little more established than South Carolina which is evident by the sheer number of wineries already established in North Carolina.  Howe